There has been much debate about weather this Man City side under Pep Guardiola are the greatest side we’ve seen in the Premier League ever. So we thought we’d look into it. Most believe there are only four contenders; Guardiola’s Man City 17/18, Ferguson’s Man United 1999/00, Chelsea under Mourinho in 2004/05 and Arsene Wegner invincibles 2003/04.

Each side has it’s merits.

Manchester United won the treble after a memorable last minute come back in Barcelona against Bayern Munich. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer scored the winner, I wonder what he’s up to nowadays…

The Invincibles of 2003/04 lost, as you may know, exactly zero games. A feat that hasn’t been replicated since.

Although Chelsea gave it a good go the following year under ‘The Special One’, losing only once. They still hold the greatest defensive record ever, conceding only 15 all year!

Man City were most dominate in 2017-18, Guardiola’s second year. A free scoirng, record breaking side who are the only side to reach 100 points.

So here’s the stats.

Goals scored

1st Man City 17/18 – 106

2nd Man United 98/99 – 80

3rd Arsenal 03/04 – 73

4th Chelsea 04/05 – 72

Well there is a clear winner here. Man City haven’t just scored the most, they’ve done it by over 25. In fact Liverpool last year got 89 which would’ve been good enough to get second on this list.

Goals Conceded

1st Chelsea 04/05 – 15

2nd Arsenal 03/04 – 26

3rd Man City 17/18 – 27

4th Man United – 37

Mourinho’s Chelsea take this one. Conceding only 15 in a season is less than a goal every 2 games! Conceding 11 less than Arsenal the year before. That’s astonishing.

Goal Difference

1st Man City 17/18 – +79

2nd Chelsea 04/05 – +57

3rd Arsenal 03/04 – +47

4th Man United 99/98 – +43

Some of you mathematicians might have been able to work this one out already, but we put it in anyway. And of course it’s not close. Despite Chelsea’s brilliant defensive record, they can only manage second on this list. Man City top it by over 20.


1st Man City 17/18 – 32

2nd Chelsea 04/05 – 29

3rd Arsenal 03/04 – 26

4th Man United – 22

City, again. 32 wins is a bit silly really. Only dropping points 6 times is a record that will be hard to beat. Chelsea come remarkabley close with 29 but are still 3 wins shy.


1st Arsenal 03/04 – 0

2nd Chelsea 04/05 – 1

3rd Man City 17/18 – 2

4th Man United 98/99 – 3

I wondered why they were called the invincibles. This is a record that won’t just be hard to beat, it’s literally impossible. Arsenal in 03/04 are out on their own. While Chelsea only lost 1 the following year, losing zero is something else.


1st Man United 98/99 – 3 (Premier League, FA Cup, Champions League)

2nd= Chelsea 04/05 – 2 (Premier League, League Cup)

2nd= Man City 17/18 – 2 (Premier League, League Cup)

4th Arsenal 03/04 – 1 (Premier League) 

Undoubtabley The most important category. You score goals to win games, you win games to win trophies. Last year City would’ve topped this list, they won all 4 domestic trophies on offer including the community shield. However only one side can call themselves Champions of Europe as well and that’s Sir Alex Ferguson’s 98/99 United side. Their domestic league performance wasn’t as impressive as the others but hoisting that Champions League trophy I’m sure more than made up for it.

Well there are the facts, you decide. Who is the greatest side in Premier League history?