After an 18 month wait, Stranger Things returns in July for a third season, with the gang facing their biggest threat yet.

The new season is set in summer 1985, opening as the Hawkins crew leave school, unaware that this summer will be the most important of their lives. All surviving characters will return to the show, alongside the new ‘handsome, slick, and sleazy’ Mayor Kline (played by Cary Elwes), while Jake Busey will play a journalist with ‘questionable morals and a sick sense of humour’.

Netflix’s latest chapter of the hugely compelling 80s hit sees the gang come to grips with teenage romance, shifting friendships and oh, a giant terrifying monster too.

There’s talk of the evil monster “attaching himself to a new host” followed by shots of Max’s brother Billy looking evil, if dreamy, suggesting that things might be about to get much more complicated.

Luckily the wait isn’t too bad, as Stranger Things 3 premieres on 4th July.

If you’re too excited to wait you can always tide yourself over with a LEGO model of “The Upside Down” Byers’ house.