A mummy-like Russian man has been rescued from a bear den, after spending a month as the bear’s meal-in-waiting. The man, who calls himself Alexandra, was discovered close to the Russian-Mongolian border by hunting dogs, his skin pale white and encrusted with dried blood and sweat.

Brown bears are known for catching prey days, weeks or even months before they plan on consuming it, burying the meat to protect it from scavengers and allowing it to ‘ripen’ for easier eating.

Alexandra is able to move his arms and mostly open his eyes, but otherwise is totally immobile. He believes his attack occurred roughly a month ago, but cannot remember his surname or age and doctors can’t work out how he survived. Alex does remember drinking his own urine, which doesn’t seem like quite enough to have kept him going.

The hunters who found him had thought they’d found a human mummy, before they got close enough to see that he was in fact still living. The locations Alex was found then treated in are not yet known, and a health official in Tuva, Siberia, a region with a large brown bear population, has not been able to confirm that the case occurred there.

Good luck to Alexander, thing’s can literally only get better from here on.