With the coming releases of Toy Story 4 and The Lion King (live action remake), it almost feels like 90s fever is sweeping 2019.

Well not a moment too soon we say. Toy Story 4 follows a few years after the end of Toy Story 3, when Woody and the gang are living happily with Bonnie, who ‘makes’ a new friend at school and kickstarts a new adventure. Constructed from a disposable plastic fork and suffering from from serious identity issues, Forky is a bit of an unstable Mabel. It’s been reported that the story will follow a road-trip that the gang take with Bonnie, which Forky gets lost on, causing Woody to pursue.

Toy Story 4 was announced way back in 2014, with Pixar guru and Toy Story creator John Lasseter inked in as producer and director. Shockingly, Lasseter’s creative commitment to the project went Up! in smoke, be-Cars of The Incredibles revelation that he had been sexually inappropriate with a number of female Pixar employees. Lasseter eventually left the company before anybody had a chance to re-name the company ‘Monsters, Inc’.

But sexual harassment is no laughing matter.