There are good boys, then there are really good boys, like Moxie and Miley who gave their lives and sight to save baby Skye from an invasive Cobra.

Skye, 1, was asleep at home in Kidapawan City, the Philippines, when her babysitter begun to hear a scuffling outside in the front yard. When parents Jaime and Pauie got home and checked the footage on their home cameras, they discovered that quite the battle had taken place.

First slithering under the front gate of the house, the Cobra is quickly identified by two-year-old white dachshund Moxie, who comes bounding over and starts pawing at it. The snake then moves straight for the kids toys and the room where Skye is sleeping, causing the dogs to go into attack mode and work together to keep the snake at bay, picking it up and biting its head and tail.

After two minutes of furious fighting, both Miley and the snake succumb to their injuries and die, leaving Moxie blind from venom spat by the snake.

Skye’s father Jaime said: ‘My wife and I were out for work. When we arrived, our helper told us what happened and reviewed the cameras. We were shocked but also so proud of the dogs.’ 

He added: ‘I can’t thank my dogs enough for protecting my baby Skye. We will miss Miley so much.’