Things become outdated quickly in 2019, and it seems that one expression set to leave us is ‘bull in a china shop’, as this video proves that bulls (or longhorns in this case) like art galleries too.

This longhorn was part of a cattle drive taking place in Colorado Springs last week, when it broke free from the pack and made a dash for freedom. Fortunately two cowboys were on hand to pursue and corner if, after the longhorn charged into an art gallery, thrilling visitors who probably thought they were part of an experimental piece.

The cowboys managed to lasso the bull and subdue it, with one cowboy following it through the art gallery on horseback to ensure it didn’t get away. Eventually the steers was restrained and returned to the herd.

Amber Keller, who took the video, spoke to iHeart Radio about the incident.

“I was out watching the Ride for Brand Cattle Drive and I had recorded all of the activity as they were coming by and it was over,” Keller told the station. “Then at one point I heard some yelling and I saw people kinda scrambling around and so I picked up my phone and started recording and what you see is that one of the longhorns just got loose from the group.”

If you’re a longhorn trying to escape captivity my advice is to wear a hat, those long horns really make you stand out.