If you’re worried that the world’s taking too long to descend into nightmarish dystopia this could be a product for you. The Pavlok is an electronic bracelet that is designed to help you cut negative habits out of your life, by delivering electric shocks whenever you violate a personal rule.

On a full charge, the Pavlok comes equipped with around 150 shocks at 350 volts each, which is certainly enough to get your attention but not enough to make your shoes fly off. If you still don’t think it’s worth the $199 (£158) price tag, just tell your friends about the handy Pavlok app that they can use to shock you with on command – they’re bound to be cool about it.

According to the manufacturer: “Pavlok allows you to speak your reptile brain’s language by adding an unpleasant element (a safe and harmless ‘zap’ of electricity on your wrist) to what you have been taught to love (your nasty lingering habit), quickly conditioning your mind to associate an ‘unpleasant’ feeling with your bad habit… and stopping it all together.”

Predictably with a product like this, lots of the reviews give more interesting info about the reviewers than the product itself, like this one from Kirk

“Oh man I did not want to have to do this but I feel like it’s for the best. I originally found this product looking for the solution to my sleeping in problem. Setting 12 alarms to wake up in the morning was getting insane. When I found the pavlok I was hooked. Between my poor eating habits, my sleeping habits, my flesh tearing nail biting habit I knew this was for me…

…But for now I just have to do things the hard way and just wrap a rubber band to my wrist and strike myself every time I want some sweeeeet milky ways. Maybe get one of those alarm clocks you have to chase or something idk. Hopefully someone who developed this actually reads it.”

Thanks for the info Kirk. If you want to read more of these reviews or are still interested in the Pavlok you can check it out here.