New Balance’s famous 990 sneakers have been an iconic item of footwear since they first launched as part of the original New Balance collection, back in 1982. An instant hit, in the last 37 years these shoes have been worn by everybody from Kate Middleton to Kate Upton, to Apple founder Steve Jobs.

They’ve also long been paired with ill-fitting jeans and a polo shirt by the world’s poorly dressed dads, who don’t understand how items must be purposefully combined to make up an outfit. Dads of the internet, here’s a quick lesson in fashion from sex personified, Ryan Gosling.

Now New Balance is coming out with an update, and a campaign that acknowledges the very mixed history of their iconic pair. The minimalist campaign features the shoe on a white backdrop with a number of slogans that reference original advertising for earlier versions of the shoe.

Hopefully New Balance aren’t too reliant on that Steve Jobs dollar for the v5’s – the Apple man is jogging with Harambe and John Lennon in the stars now, having died in 2011.