The Billboard Music Awards took place last night in Las Vegas, and as usual viewers were just as interested in the clothes as they were the awards. Here’s a breakdown of who wore what

Drake, who picked up a whopping 12 awards last night, wore a simple burgundy Brioni suit with a gold chain and black undershirt.

Cardi B took to the catwalk in Moschino by Jeremy Scott, wearing a dress with an exposed midriff, shoulders and thigh.

Taylor Swift was nominated for top touring artist and top female artist. Dressed up in a lavender ruffle dress for the occasion, she sadly went home with neither.

Sophie Turner, supporting Joe Jonas whom she married after the show, swapped her GOT furs and armour for this exotic spacesuit design

BTS, who won the social artist and duo/group award, wore a medley of suits and invisible stilts (pictured) to the awards.