This coming Sunday night, after over eight years of epic fantasy storytelling, Game of Thrones will bow out and off our screens. HBO’s hit has broken several records, becoming the most pirated content of all time, the highest budget TV show of all time and having completed the most consecutive night-shoots (55 nights) of any production ever. This is all well and good, but real die-hard fans have one question. When are the official shoes coming out?

Well there’s only one thing we say to the god of sneakers – not today. But soon. Adidas’ SPEEDFACTORY limited edition GOT sneakers will drop on May 25th, according to this teaser from Footlocker’s insta.

The ice and fire in the teaser represent The Night King, or Winterfell (House Stark), and House Targaryen.

Get the AM4GOT SPEEDFACTORY limited edition sneakers in select adidas retailers and online from the 25/5.