A man in LA County, California passed has become the 5th person to die following a vaping-related illness.

Although the man is said to have been suffering from multiple chronic health conditions at the time of his death, other similar deaths have been reported in Indiana, Minnesota, Illinois and Oregon, whilst in Utah a patient was put into a medically induced coma.

Across the USA there are now suspected to be 450 cases of severe pulmonary disease, with the vast majority afflicting people between the ages of 18-25 – the group most likely to be vaping.

The symptoms of severe pulmonary disease are, you guessed it, severe. Sufferers have experienced extreme coughing, shortness of breath and vomiting, with all having vaped nicotine or THC (weed vape) in the past 90 days.

12 People in LA County have now been hospitalised after using THC vapes, with the majority thought to be younger adults.

As reported by the Los Angeles Times, LA County public health director Barbara Ferrer has issued the following warning:

Today we’re issuing a warning to all residents about the use of these devices as potentially harmful to proper lung function, Stop vaping now.

Doctors have treated sufferers with antibiotics and steroids, but there’s been no word on whether these treatments are effective or not.

If you’re reading this through a cloud of strawberry-flavoured vapour, coughing with bloodshot and glazed eyes, my advice would be to think about smoking again.

For legal reasons that’s a joke.